Saturday, 31 March 2018



This is a promotional film teaser for a new exciting Australian film.

Intrigue, mystery, solving a mankind problem delivering a powerful outcome that all our futures depend on.

You will go into areas that will change your concepts of your beliefs.

Do you dare follow the path???


‘Power and Prophet’, is a Dan Brown style, mystery - thriller.
When her government faces electoral defeat, popular leader and minister for foreign affairs, Jenna Lowy launches a leadership challenge.
If successful, she will lead her party to victory and usher in a new age, where three great female leaders will change the future of humanity.
Lowy doesn’t know it yet but she belongs to an ancient line, descendent from the house of David and her rise to power, along with two other female leaders ushers in a new age, an age, believed by a select few, to bring about the return of Messiah.
A group of powerful people oppose them and will go to any length to stop them.
Into this, hapless genealogist, Maria Cassavetes trips over Lowy’s secret.
Lowy and Maria will find they have more in common than they know and will be helped by a mysterious third party and holder of the great secret to fulfill an ancient prophecy if they can overcome the forces that oppose them.
Screenplay by David Steinhoff.
Based on an original work by David Murphy.
© Presence Global Entertainment

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Just love my backyard with bower birds.....!!!!

Not everyone has these beautiful birds on their property running around building their bowers with strategically placed sticks.

We also see the blue objects that are used for their ritual to impress the opposite sex.

Enjoy these few minutes at Stanwell Tops, New South Wales, Australia.