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Home Memories 

- the Home I Grew Up In

Home memories are of the very first house you grew up in. Childhood memories. It can be anywhere in our vast world, maybe not even there anymore but it will forever be in our hearts and minds.



    The block was 200ft long by 60ft wide!!

But now the MotorWay 5!!!! Have a look at the video below!


Well, just about everybody has a home, but our fondest memories are where we spent our childhood.

Plenty of stories have been written over the decades about the trials and tribulations of being in that home.

However this is about the home, itself, and what memories are conjured up from the distant past.

Photos help, and there sure are plenty of photos of the home I grew up in.


Very early 1950s.

Early 1950s view.

BIG BACKYARD, 200ft BY 60ft, without fence palings....

I guess Dad was keen on keeping a record of how the house looked. Early 1950s.

Early front garden with the spooky Johnsons' house in the background.
Looking south.

My how that garden grows.

The house was just a straight forward house made out of fibro (asbestos!!! Well, hell, we didn’t know in those days…but nothing ever happened)… 2 bedrooms till our sister came along 7 years later… and she got our room and my brother and I got the add on room out the back….and boy, that room was cold during winter… not snow cold (we had none of that but just cold to a kid….)

My childhood home was 36 River Road, Revesby, New South Wales, Australia.

There are no problems in talking about that address and home as they are no longer in existence!

Not just demolished and replaced by a new up to date house, just demolished…

Not only demolished, but even the very ground it stood on is gone. That’s demolished too! Replaced by space. Full of air, and fumes, for 20 metres (60ft) below where our house was, stands the M5 Motorway out of Sydney.

The M5 goes to Canberra, Australia’s capital.

My parents lived in that house from around 1951 to eventually moving, not too far way, in 1984.

The River Rd house was a housing commission home for a war veteran.

My parents always knew a freeway would go through one day and would be prepared to move.

Yet, curiously, theirs' was the only house there. Vacant blocks either side, with an old house and garden nursery 2 doors up to the north and an old dilapidated house, 2 doors to the south… spooky looking house with two elderly brothers, by the name of Johnson, living in it.

There were no houses behind us. Our block was 60ft wide by 200ft long. Dad kept it neat and tidy. A trait that fortunately I inherited.

I also, without really knowing, appreciated the fact that there were no neighbours next door. Nice and quiet……

I don’t remember much about the house in the early years. Probably because I was 18 months old when we moved there. I had a brother who was ancient compared to me. He was 4 years older.

Early Days in the 1950s

In the front yard.....Gee, I looked cute..... I wonder what happened!!
A push mower for that block???!!!

My brother, Ken (right) and I, Alan, in the front yard....we certainly lived in the bush!! Now a Motorway 20m/60ft below.....!

My bro and I in the backyard.... little knowing of the Motorway to come....then way off in the future.... now over 30 years in the past and in the LAST century...!!!!!

My brother trying to strangle me....?? Note the outside loo on the right side of the house... very cold in winter!!!! Our Hills Hoist in the yard too!!

New garage open and Vauxhall Velox on display.

My bro and I in the front yard... seem to be hardly wearing anything!!

All ready for Sunday School.

I started cutting the lawns when I was about 12 years old. I wish I had started Al's Mowing instead of going into printing but years later after my printing life closed up, I took up mowing lawns and built up a good clientele because of my reliability.
Note the old Billy Cart in the background.

Movie Memories 


Kids and movies. No computers, iPads, iPhones, etc in those days. You either played in the backyard or watched the new fangle tv.

The other alternative was to go to the movies with the family.

A distinct movie memory (and remember I was only about 5 years old!) was seeing "CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON" at the Bankstown Jewel Cinema (two miles away north and long gone for decades) and a distinct image of the "creature" carrying the girl.

Now I have that movie on Blue Ray and in 3D which I watch on an 8ft wide movie screen via a Benq 3D Video Projector with a 50,000 to 1 contrast..(most movie projectors are only 13,000 to 1 contrast ratio).
It's also in widescreen (16:9) and even though black and white, absolutely sharp as a tack and great in 3D!!
"He was tall, dark and scalely...."

Movie Memories 2 - Forbidden Planet and 

The Invisible Boy

I even remember seeing “FORBIDDEN PLANET” at the movies, but not too sure where, most likely Bankstown again. There were 3 cinemas there, the Jewel, the Civic and the Regent. For many years, the Regent was the only one left.

However, after seeing "FORBIDDEN PLANET", I wanted my father to make me a robot… so he got some old empty paint tins off my grandfather (Mum’s Dad, and, I told you my father was very neat and tidy around the house!) and built me a robot who I called Robby… wonder where I got that name from????

Lasted about one night while it stood in the bedroom doorway casting a scary shadow… so Robby was dismantled….

For decades the Id creature sequence that attacked the spaceship, killing some of the characters was never seen in Australia... deemed too horrifying, so the scene was cut out!!! The restored sequence had to wait till the DVD came out. But even then the special edition that included "THE INVISIBLE BOY" (also featuring Robby the Robot) and documentaries had to be bought from overseas!! Now I have the movies on Blue Ray.

"THE INVISIBLE BOY", though promoted as primarily a children's movie, was in actual fact the first film dealing with a super computer taking over the world. Long before HAL from "2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY", or even "COLOSSUS, THE FORBIN PROJECT". Now we have the internet!



 Nothing like a computer that wants to take over the world!!

Me and My Robby, the Robot.....

I guess I was easily pleased with my version of Robby, the Robot but it sure was creepy at night...! I also think it lasted one night and had to be pulled apart the next day!!

 My home behind is before the extra bedroom was added on directly behind me.

And Last but Not Least Movie -

Now this movie I saw locally with the family at Panania Star Theatre (now a church), a suburb next to Revesby.

All I remember was that my older brother, Ken, ran screaming out into the foyer and I was hiding behind the seat in front.

But I sure remember the movie, and have it on DVD so that it brings back all those hokey memories of the 1950s SciFi classics....and fond memories...

Oh, yeah, and the ending where the jets came down and blasted the giant spider with napalm, made such a lasting impression especially the guy who played the steely eyed lead pilot (his eyes were about the only thing you saw of his face) and cool voice, an actor named Clint somebody or other... I wonder what ever happened to him...?


"Go ahead, make my day..."

1950s - Television Memories

My sorta first memories were when we got an AWA Radiola black and white tv. Over 58 years later, I have that tv sitting in my lounge room as a support base for my 42” HD tv…. but I am really getting ahead of myself….

Shows I remember include the original “Mickey Mouse Club” (never been surpassed as far as I’m concerned!!); “Disneyland” (naturally!!… old Walt was smart on that one, plugging his movies for an hour each week… while film studios held up a crucifix to that tiny, little screen….); “Maverick” (good on you, James and Jack, wherever you are…!!); “The Rifleman” (good on you too, Chuck, keeping them ornery hombres straight in heaven)…. Bat Masterson (Gene stick it too those Martians as well…); Cheyenne (ah Clint, Walker, that is), those were the days my friends…..

Davey Crockett Hats

“Davy Crockett”… my brother and I had our coonskin hats too….

Even in Australia we knew who Davey Crockett was....!! Me on the left and older bro on the right. (You know, I just can't remember any of this childhood other than the movies, unlike kids today who are digitally recorded from day of birth.....our photos were few and far between)

The AWA TV Over 50 years old!

June 1960, my brother Ken, sister, Diane and me, Alan, posing by the AWA 17"....

..... and over 50 years later, the AWA (Amalgamated Wireless Australia)....

.... now a stand for my AWA 42" HD TV...!!

The Home Changes

So what of the home in all this time?

Well, my sister, Diane, came along in 1957, so my brother and I had to move into the 3rd bedroom that was added on.

Curiously though, since there was an age gap, my brother 4 years older than me, and my sister, 7 years younger than me, that after awhile there wasn't that closeness you would think between siblings. A gap that started widening over the years.

Mum always said we were not a hugging and kissing family, but stable. Stable, yes, but I think a few hugs now and then wouldn't hurt, even as you grow older.

The Home in Colour

Looking west. (Around 1984 before Mum and Dad moved to Doyle Rd., Revesby to make way for the M5.....😢

Looking South West.

Looking North West.
From that large middle window from our original bedroom my brother and I shared, I remember as a kid looking out seeing fireworks going off on Empire Day (Cracker Night), May 24.

Here's looking up the old backyard to the west. See that bird bath? It now resides in my backyard where it is very popular with the native birds.

Same backyard under a sheet of hail, mid 70s. So climate change is only now?

How the yard looks in spring.

Looking East and about 20 metres down is the M5....and all you see is gone!!!

Mum and my sister pose for Dad. In the fore and background will eventually be all gone for the M5.

Front yard view of that hail that is piled like snow.

From my 8mm film showing Mum coming back from visiting neighbours.

Another frame from my 8mm film showing Mum doing what she enjoyed, watering the front garden.

Playing in the backyard mid 60s. Budgie aviary behind my brother. Way in the distance is the Padstow Star Theatre. (Large building way in background to the middle right.)

My father's father! Passed away in 1971. A very stately gentleman, Pop Bond. But we are standing on the edge of River Rd with no kerb or guttering(!) which is now a dual carriageway that crosses the M5!! But not back then in those innocent times.

Here's us 3 kids with Dad in the back yard late 50s...

My bro and I standing tall. Actually I'm taller than him now. I'm 190cm/6'4"......

I was also 5'11" when I was 12.......

My L plates on the family Valiant sedan. About 1967. (From my 8mm film.)


Having such a big backyard, and before the Fun Police were around, I took it upon myself to build over a couple a months, a bonfire stack.

Our Australian Cracker Night was May the 24th, Empire Day. Then it was moved to the June Longweekend (Queen's Birthday Weekend) usually around the 13th.

Now the Fun Police have really moved in so you can't have your own private fireworks but go to a community display... usually not much fun in that.

I have no photos or film of the Bonfire and Fireworks at our home, but I do have a film, Cracker Night at Burrill Lake - 1970, to give you an idea of what we got up too....!!!


There's an interesting aside to this. Some of this footage was used by the Australian 7 Network without even asking me or acknowledging who the owner was or where it came from which is a legal requirement for videos from Youtube!! Obviously, 7 ignored that.

I just happen to accidentally catch it... well....didn't I sure get a runaround from the Kerry Stokes network as you will see in this film,


Times Are A Changing

So we started growing and getting family portraits, or at least sibling portraits, with us dressed in our school uniforms.

The One Constant Factor
Like all people, many things happened in our lives, certainly too much to put here.

But the one constant factor remained. The home.

My brother married at 23, my sister went to teachers college and eventually married in the early 80s.

Me well, I tried but that M word constantly avoided me.. or I avoided it...!!

I left home around 1978 as I wished to pursue a career in film making, a hobby I had wanted to turn into a career. 

I had been working for years with 8mm films as my restored 8mm films show on my Youtube Channel, but that's another story as the HOME yarn finishes here but not before one last tribute to that place we call HOME. 

Long gone now, but forever in our minds and hearts, and on the internet to live in cyberspace hopefully forever, a HOME to share with everyone.




  1. Great idea for preserving memories and creating a record for future generations. I grew up in Kingsgrove(not too far away)after migrating with my parents early '60's

    1. Thank you Cathy for your nice words.

      I guess with this medium, if you have the record of pictures and memories, then anyone can do it, and not have it lost down the Facebook well!!

      I will certainly be doing more and hopefully making them fun too!!!!