Saturday, 30 April 2016



Here's my long time Neighbour From Hell, since 1998, at it again with his well known habit of trying to smoke me out which he has admitted to the local police at Helensburgh who apparently don't want to do anything about it.

God bless, the NSW Police........

Mr Firebug says he's having a BBQ but he spends hours, even up to 6 hours, with his wood fire burning merrily away... and he's not even cooking anything!!!

One time when I contacted the Helensburgh Fire Brigade to report this going on after a 4 hour smoke out, they turned up, made an enquiry at the fire bugs place, then the Captain ran into my place and informed I had 2 chimneys on my roof!!!! They weren't even burning anything!!!! I got this guy saying that on video!!!!! Boy, what a worry!!!

And here we are, in a proven high bushfire zone that had a devastating bushfire in 2001!!!

Ah, I guess, it's good to have contacts!!!

So this smoke actually goes against Wollongong City Council policy of Smoke Pollution in the Neighbourhood as shown by the info below.

Though astoundingly, the Mayor of Wollongong City Council has written to me to tell me Council has no policy on smoke pollution or backyard burning!!! But there it is on their website!! See hilarious letter from the Mayor below!!!!

The Mayor never even bothered to check it himself!

But thanks to the Liberal NSW Government, any protection from smoke from the backyard burning has had the safety factors eliminated which originally included a chimney along with most importantly an ember inhibitor to obviously stop any smouldering embers escaping into the area causing possible bushfires!!

Thank you NSW Government!!!! Even writing to them does nothing except having them point out these idiotic rules!!! Obviously no concern on their part!

Don't you love these elected Governments who know all the answers when in Opposition, but haven't a clue when they are in power!!!!!

So, anyway, this "SMOKE DOPE!!" video ( a slight lay on word meaning...) shows a "short" smoke of only 2.5 hours and into the night.

The video is sped up by a factor of 2,000 which rather makes the smoke drifting everywhere fascinating but understandably and logically makes you realise the danger.

Do you have neighbours from hell????

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