Saturday, 30 April 2016

AIRCRAFT 1938 - 1939 HD

 AIRCRAFT 1938-39



For some reason only known to God and Google/Youtube, they removed the ad revenue from this film which I had put up recently. There were no copyright issues, their faulty software system did it without typical notification. There has been the typical no response on their feedback blog. So I've just put it back again and unlisted the previous version.

I think my late father would be pleased that his work is being seen and helping to make some sort of income in this time of my life for his son.

Dad at the age of 18 went off to war (WW2) and became a navigator in Beaufighter Squadron 30.

The Japanese called the Beaufighters, Whispering Death.

But before then, Dad (Kenneth "Chesty" Bond) was keen on photographer, and I guess having no computers, iPads, Mobiles, iPhone, Cells, in those days, a camera was as good as anything, little knowing he was recording history for us to enjoy way in the future of the 21st Century and beyond!

To those around the world who see this, did your Father or Mother do something similar, not knowing they were recording history for future generations around the world to see?

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